venerdì 10 aprile 2020


Yesterday I was putting some order in my pletora of lures to spend some of this quarantine time trying not to get too bored; sometimes it is just fine to take care of our toys if we cannot go fishing.

So I stumbled upon the tackle box with the lures I used in past September in Brazil; the box is a Mehio Versus that has been following me in a lot of freshwater trips without any problem, strong and very practical on small boats but the lid itself was deformed by direct exposure to sunrays and heat, even if I don't remember extremely high temperature in those days, something in the mid 30° celsius for sure, but never uncomfortable.

Some lures also suffered from the heat, several had been deformed and their finish cracked; it happened before to me with some low quality local brand to see them split open like nuts but never until now on first quality Japanese ones.

Not all went the same path, the ones who mostly suffered were Megabass and Evergreen, but not all models, also some Jackall, Tackle House and Mann's, while Imakatsu, Lucky Craft, Duo and River2Sea didn't show any problem, as, of couse wooden lures of various brands.

Maybe I should have covered the box with a white towel, maybe I should have brought a white or light colored box to reflect part of the rays... I don't consider this to be a fault of the lures, just a lesson learned for next time and a tip for reflection ....

Question now is: "where can I find a light colored and cooled lure box?"  :D

mercoledì 8 aprile 2020

Andaman Islands April 2018 - Video memories

A bit late, but taking advantage of this quarantine time, here comes a partial video of a super funny experience, as usual with Andaman Angler ... who wanna join for next year? Just contact me at alleslures@yahoo.it :)
In the while I wish a positive end of this "covid" situation to everybody.