lunedì 29 luglio 2019


Time is closing, I am badly looking forward for September trip in Mato Grosso to hunt for big Trairao, aka Wolf Fish, Hoplias sp. ( malabaricus ? ) for science...
Several years have passed since my quest for Aimara ( another Hoplias ), very close relative living in French Guyana waters, you can see report HERE , and I still remember that adventure as one of my best freshwater one; the fishes were mean, the environment wild and difficult, a small fast river flowing in the jungle among giant rocks and sunken trees, a nightmare of covers inhabited by finned monsters.
What we'll infront now will be a different scenario, very clean rivers and lagoons filled with weeds and greenery, so I hope I can get away with somewhat lighter tackle than the PE5 I used in Guyana when I suffered also a couple bad bustoffs.... time will tell, new challenges and new places are what keep up my interest to the max.

Speaking about tackle I will bring basically three rods, a baitcasting PE4-5 outfit like Yamaga Blanks Xtremo 65 paired with Shimano Curado 301, a PE 2-3 rod again baitcasting like Yamaga Blanks Glazer 60X paired with Shimano Scorpion 1501, and same model rod in spinning version with a TwinPower 5000XD ... these three will be my basic arsenal with maybe a couple spares in case of unexpected situations.

Lines, badass braids, in 30 to 65 lbs, giving priority to abrasion resistance rather than casting performances.... leader will be titanium and I will bring with me 40 to 100 lbs wire in order to prepare on place what will better fit the needs.

So we are to the lure selection chapter... the funniest part of every trip... I will make choice as following, considering both my past experience, teh web infos and suggestions by local operator.
All lures need to be strong to withstand crashing jaws and furious fights, through wire is a plus but cannot be obtained for all lures, hooks need often to be changed to saltwater grade ones.


these are the first to be chosen, the vicious surface attack is what trairao is famous for so I absolutely need walk the dog stickbaits and one of the local favorites, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper.
In the WTD array i will bring my own habanos in various size as they performed really well in past trip, Evergreen Amazon, Imakatsu Trairao ( coincidence ? ) and OSP Bowstick. Also a crawler as the Jackall Pompadour could be interesting to have.

In French Guyana the rule was the bigger the lure the bigger the fish, not sure it will work in the same way in Mato Grosso but I will be prepared to do the testing.

Then the  Wake Baits ... so catchy in Sinnamary river, the Lucky Craft Search Bull and the Evergreen Ratatat ... just cast and retrieve they do all the work staying still in the surface film.

Big fishes want big lures, and especially considering these creatures have evolved to prey on very large terrestrial animals fallen or swimming in the river... rats, iguanas, snakes are on their menu and monkey , sloths and even dogs have been reported ti be attacked as mr Trairao could reach and possibly past the 40 kilos size... better be careful in washing our hands ...
So big swimbaits can have their place in my tackle box...

Spinnerbait are a must have lure, for when the fishes are not active on topwater, they can go down there in the weed and wood to search for them... only problem is finding strong enough model... bass models won't do, hooks get easily straightened and wire bent... even on big pike or musky models the wire is gonna bend and will need adjustements after every catch... in Guyana I used custom ones with big saltwater hook and 1.6 wire... they held the fish but also needed to be fixed often.

And some minnow plugs of course, strong ones, I have my favourites but many can fill the slot.

Those will be the basics, then I will add some unusual lures, some frogs for example, as vegetation is heavy.. they will not last long in those mouths, same as with snakehead fishing, were I learnt to rely on Spro King Daddy Bronzeye, 1 0z size and visibly bigger than usual bass models

While we're talking snakehead, why not to consider a couple of lures created for the Channa, of course in big size.. a buzz, a jumpfrog and a popfrog I made...

I will bring also a couple jerkbait, they tend to work everywhere so why leave home without them...

And maybe some cranks just in case, from shallow to deep....

I think I have enough weight in my lurebox and I am hopefully covered for any situation.
Some softies and maybe a couple of weedless jigs the kind I use for wels catfish and I am happy.
I will also make some custom lures right for this trip, this is part of my personal fun as I have some ideas to convert in wood... but not the moment to talk about them until I am satisfied.

Don't take this as the suggestion of the best lures around for Hoplias game, thise are just my personal choices... but I expect them to give me some good action.
We'll see it in less than two months.... Brazil I am coming!!

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2019


Essere l'importatore per alcuni brand esclusivi può dare la piacevole possibilità di visionare alcune canne ordinate specificamente per un cliente, cosa che si fa assolutamente interessante quando parliamo di attrezzi solitamente non distribuiti o conosciuti al di fuori del paese do origine, in questo caso il Giappone.

La canna in oggetto di questo breve esame tattile è progettata e utilizzata in terra madre per la pesca da scogliere e spiagge, alla ricerca di suzuki, yellowtail e altri predatori costieri; la richiesta mi è stata fatta per adoperarla nello spinning da spiaggia e foce alla ricerca di spigole importanti in condizioni difficili di corrente e mare, e devo dire che la scelta mi sembra proprio azzeccata; parliamo di un attrezzo con un'ottima sensibilità di vetta per artificiali da 14 a 42 grammi, un'elevatissima reattività e leggerezza fornite dal carbonio in Nano alloy, ma con una schiena assolutamente stupefacente, che certo non si farebbe intimorire da una spigola in doppia cifra, un serra o addirttura una leccia di buona taglia.

Being the agent for some japanese top brands can give the opportunity to place some special orders for a customer snd to see and check some rods not well known in my area as originally projected for the far away home waters.

This rod is dedicated to fishing from rocky or sandy shores, searching mainly for suzuki and yellowtails and other coastal fishes; the guy who ordered this jewel is planning to use it for specimen seabass hunting in difficult conditions of current and sea from beaches and river mouths, and, for my tactile first impression, I can say it is a very good choice.
We're talking about a rod with extreme sensitiveness in the tip, crispy reaction in the mid part and a very dependable backbone up to the task with no issues to double digit seabass but also bluefish and maybe good sized leerfish, all this thanks to the Nanoalloy technology.

A occhio direi che se la caverebbe egregiamente con ogni tipo di esca da spigola a mare mosso, minnow, dartes, gomma o metal jigs, ma pure con wtd e pencil poppers nel caso cercassimo dei predatori differenti.

L'anellatura completa in titanio/torzite K contribuisce a rendere il fusto ancora più leggero e reattivo, sicuramente un attrezzo che non affatica nonostante la lunghezza importante di 10'3" per un peso inferiore ai 200 grammi.

Ma per tutte le caratteristiche e i dettagli le foto rendono anche meglio l'idea:

I think it can easily work with any kind of seabass lures in the 14 to 42 grams range, minnows, darters, soft plasticks and metals, but also with stickbaits and pencil poppers on topwater if we would like to serch for different predators.

K series titanium torzite guides help keeping the overall weight under 200 grams, adding to the performances and resulting in a rod very easy to handle and not tiring at all even in the 10'3" lenght.

But for all the details the pictures can talk by themselves.

Approfitto per aggiungere alcune foto in piega progressiva, chiedendo perdono per la parete rosa con effetto glitter, ma era la unica disponibile senza oggetti nel mezzo al tempo degli scatti ...

I took the occasion to check the bend of the rod with different loads, I apologize for the pink shiny backgrounds but it was only empty one available at moment of shooting hehe

Un attrezzo perfetto per un pescatore esigente, curato in ogni minimo dettaglio pur con un look pulito e essenziale; ovviamente impegnativo ma sicuramente gratificante per l'angler che lo impugnerà.

A fantastic rod for a demanding angler, with a clean and elegant look but perfect under every poit of view; surely a pleasure to use for the lucky guy who is going to hold it.

giovedì 17 gennaio 2019


Ok, abbiamo una settimana opzionata per Luglio 2019 dal 13 al 20, forse il miglior periodo dell'anno per trovare i grossi lucci in acqua bassissima pronti ad attaccare i nostri topwater, situazione di pesca a vista da estrema emozione.
Purtroppo abbiamo avuto alcune rinunce per motivi personali/di salute e quindi ci sono un paio di posti liberi, forse ampliabili a 3.
Per ogni info su prezzi e altro scrivetemi pure a alleslures@yahoo.it o su Facebook Messenger.

We have a week reserved in July 2019 from 10th to 13th on the fantastic Wild lake in Lapland, an heaven for big pikes on topwater, perch and even trouts; one of the best weeks of the year for sight fishing possibly .
Sadly we had a couple of friends step back due to personal problems so we have a couple of vacancies, maybe 3.
For any info about prices and everything else just contact me at alleslures@yahoo.it or on Facebook messenger.

mercoledì 21 novembre 2018


Un tipo di artificiale che ho sempre adorato, a partire dai datati ma sempre efficaci Yozuri Mag Darter e Ima Komomo e Sasuke, a tante altre esche meno diffuse e conosciute; penso di averci catturato l'impossibile nel corso degli anni, con però un preciso limite dato dalla costruzione senza armatura passante delle esche in plastica commerciali, con l'esclusione dei Komomo originali quando ancora prodotti in Giappone.
Altra "mancanza grave" per l'uso che ne faccio io è l'assenza di modelli di taglia seria adatti ai predatori di taglia maggiore.

It is a kind of lures that I've always loved, since introduction of the old but trusty Yozuri Mag Darter and Ima Komomo and Sasuke, not to mention a lot of lesser known ones; I've caught a bit of everything during the years, but with the limit given by the predominant lack of a strong through wire construction of commercial plastic lures, apart maybe original komomos when still built in Japan.
Other void left was concerning the size, as not big darters are available to pursue the bigger predators.

sabato 20 ottobre 2018


Da tempo cercavo una soft bait da skippare sotto le mangrovie, compatta e massiccia ma con vibrazioni interessanti e capace di sostenere e nascondere degli ami wide gap di generose dimensioni e robustezza... parliamo di una pesca fatta con canna da 6 piedi o poco più, mulino di carattere e PE 2 o meglio 3 con terminale  minimo 50 libbre, attrezzatura adatta ad estrarre di prepotenza da radici e ostriche, o almeno a provarci, pesci ostici come snappers, snooks e affini.

I've been searching long time for the right soft bait to be skipped under mangrove branches, a compact lure, heavy enough and with interesting vibrations, able to be dressed with a serious and heavy wide gap hook ... I am talking a fishing action made with a 6 footer or little more of a rod, strong reel and PE2 or better PE3 to muscle out of their hiding place fishes like snappers, snooks and other stubborn critters.

venerdì 10 agosto 2018


Ultimamente sono un po' in ritardo, ma i ricordi da Aprile sono sempre vivi, una delle più belle settimane di sempre per me alle isole Andaman, ospiti del mio buon amico Akshay, gestore dell'ottimo charter Andamanangler... infatti abbiamo già prenotato per il 2019.

Abbiamo battuto zone conosciute e esplorato spot nuovi, l'attività di superficie dei GT è stata ottima e a jigging abbiamo preso un po' di tutto anche se devo lamentare come al solito la perdita di qualche mostro, tra cui un signor doggy che è stato mangiato in qualcosa di mostruoso a metà di un combattimento impegnativo...

A topwater il popper ha fatto da padrone, con alcune catture a pencil e veramente pochi pesci a stick, cosa strana vista l'acqua calma che avrebbe fatto pensare l'opposto.

I am a bit late updating my blog in recent time, but the memories of our April trip to Andaman are still alive, it has been one of the best weeks ever for me in that destination, fishing with Andamanangler organization of my good friend Akshay, IMHO best choice available there.. and to be safe we've already reserved our week for next year.

We fished familiar spots and also explored new areas, surface activity for GT has been very good and also jigging was very rewarding, with the usual lost fights to deep sea monster.. I especially remember a definitely good specimen of dogtooth that was stolen in one single bite by something huge in the middle of a spirited fight...

On Topwater poppers ruled the scene, with little numbers left to stickbaits, a strange thing in the flat sea conditions we found, but who cares hehe.

lunedì 21 maggio 2018


Un viaggio forse un po' precoce dato che quella che chiamano estate qui ancora non si vedeva e il cambio d'acqua non era avvenuto... abbiamo faticato un po' più del previsto ma i risultati non sono mancati.

A trip a bit too early in season maybe as local "summer" was late and the change of blue water hadn't happened yet.... fishing was not so fast and furious as we like but we got nice results anyway.